5, 12 April and 3 May 2015: three of 'our' young talents on NPO 3 (Zapp) TV program.

School for Young Talent Broadcast

A TV program of 8 episodes about children aged 10-12 years with a passion for dance, music, writing, art and film.

Each episode is a documentary of about 10 minutes about a child with a passion in one of the fields of art. Two children had been followed who are linked to our School for Young Talent art department and one from the dance department of the School for Young Talent, part of the Royal Conservatoire.

Overview titaantjes

Episode 1: Bram (film maker) meets Burny Bos 
Episode 2: Welmoed (pianist) meets Klara Wurtz 
*Episode 3: Rodriquez (ballet danser) meets Hans van Manen | School for Young Talent 
*Episode 4: Sterre (visual artist) encounters the work of Marlene Dumas | School for Young Talent
Episode 5. Jiske (writer) meets Daan Remmerts de Vries 
Episode 6: Eva (fashion designer) meets Bas Kosters 
*Episode 7: Yana (visual artist) has her grandfather as an idool | School for Young Talent
Episode 8: Don (drummer)

More info is available in Dutch

More information about the School for Young Talent:

School for Young Talent (KABK, Art component)

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School for Young Talent

5, 12 April and 3 May 2015: three of 'our' young talents on NPO 3 (Zapp) TV program.

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