noun presents: Appendix On the eighteenth of March, 2017, thirty-four students of the Royal Academy of Art depart from THE HAGUE, land with slight turbulence in Vienna, take a bus and are quickly introduced to the facade of Slovakia’s capital city: the initially diffident BRATISLAVA. The city is as tumultuous as its jubilant nights, paralleled by its laborious days. Like we had done so many times before, we set out to create, to see, to meet, to find, to ask. When embracing the Danube, we realise we are dealing with a different beast. A more ferocious animal. The days are long. Joy, doubt, bliss, sweat and tears fill the bunk-bedded hostel rooms, which, like our mental strenuousness, grime as the days turn into nights and the nights into days. While we grow more and more eager, the city opens up to us. We call ourselves NOUN, the art collective of individuals united under the veil of creating; a choir, in which every voice individually contributes to greater fervour. The city starts speaking to us and, through discourse we start exchanging ideas. We took a part of Bratislava with us, but in exchange left something behind. Our Appendix lives on, the epilogue of our conversation. Noun Presents, 2017
Thanks to Pawel Pokutycki Vincent van Baar Rob Hornstra Lotte Sprengers Sterre Sprengers Donald Weber Annaleen Louwes Raimond Wouda Medina Rešić Katarína Gališinová Olja Triaška Stefanović Juraj Blaško VŠVU Academy of Fine Art and Design, Bratislava