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The director of the academy is Marieke Schoenmakers. Next to this she is president of the Board of Governors of the University of the Arts The Hague.

Academy- and Management secretariat
For an appointment with the director contact the executive secretary.
Georgia Charitopolou: E-mail


The heads are responsible for procedures related to education. They guard the quality of the education, make sure the contents of the programme stay up to date. The heads are assisted by one or more coordinators, teachers and/or team leaders. There are also coordinators for the propeadeutic year and internships.

The heads of the bachelor departments are:

  • ArtScience (BA): Taco Stolk
  • Fine Arts (BA): Klaus Jung
  • Photography (BA): Lotte Sprengers & Rob Hornstra
  • Graphic Design (BA): Roosje Klap & Niels Schrader
  • Interactive Media Design (BA): Janine Huizenga
  • Interior Architecture and Furniture Design (BA): Herman Verkerk
  • Textile and Fashion (BA): Jurgi Persoons

The heads of the masters are:

  • ArtScience (MMus): Taco Stolk
  • Artistic Research (Master): Janice McNab
  • Industrial Design (MA): Maaike Roozenburg
  • Interior Architecture (Master): Hans Venhuizen
  • Non-Linear Narrative (MA): Roosje Klap & Niels Schrader
  • Type and Media (MA): Erik van Blokland

Coordinator of the Preparatory Courses is Zanne Zwart.

List of coordinators per department (incl. contact info)


General organisation

  • Head of Operations: Eric Privee 
    • Head of Student Administration: Joop van Pijkeren
    • Head of Technical & Digital Services and Library: Bart Vissers
    • Head of ICT: Marcel Beijer
    • Head of Housing and Facility Services: Lilian du Chatenier
    • Deputy Head of Houing and Facility Services: Frans ten Bosch
  • Head of Quality Assurance: Iskandar Serail 
  • Head of Marketing and Communications: Nienke van Beers 
  • Head of International Affairs: Aparajita Dutta 
  • Head of Finance (University of the Arts): Gerard Zanoni 
  • Head of Personnel and Organisation (University of the Arts): Margot Bebseler

List of non-academic staff (incl. contact info)

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