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'NOVA EDEN' | Rob van der Burg, Interactive/Media/Design graduate 2015, Project presented in RESET during Salone del Mobile Milan 2016

Image: 'NOVA EDEN' | Rob van der Burg, Interactive/Media/Design graduate 2015

Interactive/Media/Design (I/M/D) is the youngest department at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague (KABK). It trains students to become designers of interactive concepts and processes, establishing the link between people and processes, as well as between people and products. Ideas are our main product, and we therefore teach our students to think in terms that are not specific to particular media, subsequently translating them into concepts and meta-medial, multi-medial or cross-medial applications.

Students work with real cases and commissions, focusing on the international market. To strengthen the students’ expertise and their chances of reaching an international audience, the department teaches all of its courses in English. Responding to the ever-increasing demand for media designers, the department of I/M/D provides the education that students need in order to become independent, social, conceptual, creative and pan-medial designers.

Students learn to detect cultural, social, technological and economic tendencies in society, transferring these inclinations into promising new concepts. Throughout their studies, they learn how to work with a variety of media techniques that allow them to communicate with specialists at a professional level, in addition to identifying the optimal level at which these techniques can be applied. Of equal importance are the methods that we use to enable students to maintain an overview of the process, as well as the establishment and realisation of goals.

The study programme is structured for the efficient engagement of numerous media typologies. At the start of the programme, students are immersed in a range of courses, including Interaction Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Sound Design and Visualisation. Following this extensive introduction, the focus shifts towards individual development. The I/M/D programme pushes the limits of media. Concept Development, Meta- Medial Thinking and Personal Leadership and other courses confront students with the questions, ‘What can I do with this knowledge and what role do I play?’ With these questions in mind student go on to encounter courses in Multimedia Artistic Development, Creative Leadership, Critical Media and Storytelling, in addition to advanced levels of Interaction Design, Concept Development and Moving Images.

Collaboration is an essential part of the preparations for the professional circuit. In the I/M/D programme, students learn to assess their own expertise, as well as that of their colleagues – a key skill for successful collaboration. Many projects are executed collectively, often in teams consisting of students from different years. This working method introduces students to a studio setting during their studies.

The I/M/D department maintains close contact with the professional field, in order to stay informed and to deepen existing insight. Students are involved in this process through dialogue with their teachers, collective attendance at conferences, co-organising symposiums, creating new knowledge and inspiring networks, in addition to organising challenging internships in the Netherlands and abroad.

After graduation, students will be able to manoeuvre within intricate networks at different levels and search for knowledge with the broad perspectives that they need in order to become independent communication specialists. Our graduates will thus be able to compete for positions at large commercial or nonprofit communication agencies throughout the world. The I/M/D department is for students who aim to influence society through interactive media.

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Coordinator Interactive / Media / Design:
Dave Wille

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