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Textiles and fashion can be regarded as a visual language reflecting the spirit of the time, coupled to materials, craft and tradition. Finding a personal balance between textiles and fashion is essential. An important guideline for the Textiles and Fashion programme at the KABK is the history of historical costumes and folklore. Developing a personal style, a way of working and a personal statement in all of the facets of the textile and fashion profession is thoroughly explored.

Fashion Show 2016 - Year 4 | Royal Academy of Art The Hague

At the KABK, the courses in Textile design and Fashion design are represented in an associated program. However each specialization retains its separate and specific place within the program. The intention of both programs is to train students to become independent professional designers.

In order to become the new generation of contributors in the intriguing universe of Fashion and Textile design, students have to assume the highest possible level of quality in all different disciplines of their future profession. During the 4 years of the course students are coached and encouraged to develop their personal opinion, style and creative signature. The main focus of both programs is on innovative, accurate and relevant design.

The syllabus confronts students with the past, the present and the future including a diversity of points of view, interest and sensibility. From these perspectives, students engage through serious research and experiments in an extensive analysis of fashion and textiles. 

The assignments start from free creative experiments, followed by an intensive study that results in an authentic interpretation, first on a historical costume or textile, later on an ethnical or folkloristic theme. In the final stage, a freely chosen theme about a particular argument of interest, style and expression is the starting point for their final graduation project. Intensive personal research, experiments, analysis, critical reflection and insight have to result in an authentic and alternative proposal of modern design and aesthetics.

After the first semester, the textile and fashion specializations separate into two different programs, each shaped by the unique characteristics of its professional specialization.

Video: Fashion Show 2015 - Royal Academy of Art The Hague - 4th year collections, Textile and Fashion department, 2015.

In the textile course a central place is dedicated to exploring the 3 main technical skills: weaving, knitting and printing. Beside those skills students are stimulated to reach out and experiment with plenty of other alternative techniques. Students of the textile department freely choose their specific point of interest among the different professional aspects of modern Textile design. A relevant modern interpretation and interaction of textile and space, an innovative 3-dimensional translation and a presentation of trend predictions are important issues in each project of the course.

In the first year, the fashion program starts with ultimate experimental studies, involving shape, material and technique. In the following years a major focus goes to the development of a professional, innovative and high quality collection. The designing lessons are supported by a complementary study on the technical aspects of the métier such as drapery, pattern study and tailoring but also on drawing, both model drawing, fashion sketches and technical drawings, to develop a unique and personal style in images, collection books, photography and portfolio.

Important theoretical knowledge, essential for the development of a relevant and personal creative interpretation, is provided trough courses as Textile and Costume history, Research and Discourse and Art Philosophy.

The study plan is the result of professional experience and knowledge. This has resulted not only in a broad network of national and international apprenticeships but also in having internationally known craftsmen and top experts participating in the program.

Video: Graduation collections of the Textile and Fashion department, 2014.

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Head of Textile and Fashion: Jurgi Persoons 

Coordinator Textile and Fashion: Gerrit Uittenbogaard

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