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The Royal Academy of Art The Hague, trains students to become confident artists and designers, able to make a meaningful contribution to their discipline and to society by means of their passion, their deep expertise and their experimental approach.

We reach out to the professional field, immerse ourselves in societal trends and seek confrontation with the audience. One of the ways that we do this is through joint projects with external partners from various disciplines; ranging from government institutions to the cultural sector and business world. Projects equip students for real world assignments.

Recent projects

Mensenrechtentulp 2016 Installations 'Vision & Memories'

Human Rights Tulip 2016 

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Tenso Days Amsterdam 2016

Tenso European Choir Festival

See more of our realized  projects

We are looking to collaborate with partners who are open to taking part in an experiment where both parties can grow. We therefore expect that our clients are willing to invest in the collaboration and are closely involved in guiding the project.  

The level of ambition is high. An interesting project can bring students into contact with (international) people at the top of their future profession, potential clients and interesting PR opportunities.

The academy receives collaboration proposals on a daily basis. Each project is custom-made, a successful collaboration should always be relevant to the course of study and is ideally embedded in the curriculum. Study programmes at the academy are intensive. Including a project in the course demands 4 to 6 months of good preparation.

Interested in a collaboration?

You can download the application form for project collaborations with the Royal Academy of Art The Hague.
Before filling in the application, please read the Guidelines that apply for project collaborations with external partners.

You can send your proposal to

In particular, make clear what your project has to offer to individual students and the academy as a whole. Also mention the duration of your project and the available budget.

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