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Master Artistic Research (MA)

Ana Guedes, Threnody for an improbable ensemble, 2016 Photo: Kimmo Virtanen.

Image: Ana Guedes, Threnody for an improbable ensemble, 2016 Photo: Kimmo Virtanen

Image: Graduation project 'Doh mix meh up: We always negotiatin' | Sharelly Emanuelson, Master Artistic Research 2014, Winner Master Artistic Research Department Award

At the MAR, we understand artistic research as a form of research that is innovative, artistic, experimental, dynamic, and anchored in practice. The Master Artistic Research, which runs under the new Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design, is an intensive two-year study suitable for highly motivated artists from anywhere in the world, who have a specific interest in research processes and critical reflection in relation to their art practice.

We are open to a wide interpretation of what it means to be an artist, and also welcome practices that touch on other disciplines, and those that are collaborative. We have a strong link with the Royal Conservatory in the Hague - of particular value if sound or music are important aspects of your practice; and to Leiden University, where it is possible to study elective courses. 

We seek to educate artists to become autonomous, critically aware artistic researchers, and the constantly developing program places at its center the exploration of each student’s personal creative trajectory, the production that defines this, and critical reflection on its processes, inspirations, and material results. Over two years these are opened up and our graduates leave with a more complex understanding of the ways art can intersect with the aesthetic, social, political, and historical field.  

Emphasis is also placed on extending classical research skills in all areas, such as the ability to gather relevant material; to undertake close reading, listening, and looking; to locate and understand connections within a matrix of research or archival materials; and on understanding how the materials of art practice can transmit their meanings.

Our core teaching team is made up of internationally practicing artists and publishing theorists, and they are supported by an extensive international guest program of artists, curators, poets, musicians, and theorists. We are a small department, with on average 10 students per year, allowing for intensive and focused teaching and peer-learning.  

The Hague is a vibrant city for artists, with many artist initiatives alongside its museums. It is only a short train ride away from the art centres of Rotterdam and Amsterdam, and close to both Belgium and Germany.

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Coordinator: Stéfane Blokhuis

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