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INSIDE Interior Architecture (MA)

Graduation project ‘Reactivate the Hutong’, Sisi Li, Master Interior Architecture (INSIDE) 2016, Winner Department Award

Graduation project ‘Reactivate the Hutong’, Sisi Li, Master Interior Architecture (INSIDE) 2016, Winner Department Award

INSIDE - Master in Interior Architecture

Cultural and social challenges in Interior Architecture

INSIDE is a two-year, English-taught master’s course for interior architects who start every assignment by conducting a wide-ranging exploration of a spatial context undergoing change. Wide-ranging here means that through observation, research and theoretical study, students chart and analyse a whole array of issues that are relevant to the spatial change that the context is undergoing. That wide range consists not only of spatial aspects but also of social, historical and ecological issues at play in the wider surroundings. After setting up and carrying out their investigation, the INSIDE students hone their skills in using the acquired knowledge to determine essential qualities that are of decisive importance for the spatial changes taking place. They then learn to incorporate those qualities in a spatial proposal grounded in a realistic perspective and in their social implications.

The term INSIDE not only specifies the space in which and on which interior architects work but also indicates the mentality with which they do it. These designers engage fully with society and have a keen awareness of social, economic and technological changes. They are capable of using their position to shape the relation between the space that relates most directly to people and the world that encompasses that specific context. For an interior architect, ‘inside’ is never isolated but always connected to ‘outside’.  

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