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Individual Study Track (IST)

The Individual Study Track (IST) is focused on the discovery and development of students' fascinations and preferences and their personal artistic attitude. It is important that students discover what their personal possibilities and ambitions are. The IST-plan is an excellent opportunity for students to customise their studies.

The Individual Study Track includes the following possibilities:

  • The KABK’s Research Labs (see also Focus Issues > Research
  • The KABK’s Material Labs 
  • Electives from Leiden University  
  • Practicum Artium classes (painting, drawing, graphic design and photography) 
  • Self-initiated projects 
  • Projects from outside the KABK

More information on the courses offered:

KABK Research Labs

In order to explore and deepen the research aspects of the programme and the students’ development in artistic research, we organise a number of ‘research labs’. These labs are experimental and, on the whole, research-based interdisciplinary working groups, offered by one or more departments and/or research domains. In the labs, the research aspects of the programmes are explored and deepened by encouraging students to work together on particular themes with students and teachers from other disciplines.

Electives from Leiden University

Through the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts, students may follow external electives at Leiden University or at the Royal Conservatoire. Current information about all the external electives is available in the e-Prospectus: More information on the enrolment procedure is provided at Enrolment in an elective course at the Royal Conservatoire does not require registration as a guest student at Leiden University. If you wish to enrol, please contact R. Schneemann:

Practicum Artium: Electives for students from Leiden University and the Royal Academy

Through the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts, students from Leiden University may take electives at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague and the Royal Conservatoire. From the current academic year onwards, Royal Academy of Art The Hague students can also attend these classes. The electives are: painting, drawing, graphic design and photography. More information is available at the website and in the e-Prospectus of Leiden University:
If you wish to register, please contact the Academy’s coordinator for academic-wide education, Niki van Strien, via

General procedures

The departments provide detailed information about the IST procedure. Every department has its own IST coach or coaches to guide students through this process. Every student makes an IST plan, using the IST form. This plan describes the student’s proposed activities, their motivation and learning objectives. The plan should be discussed with an IST coach. In this discussion, the IST plan is evaluated on the basis of whether it can function as a broadening and/or deepening of the study programme. The student can make a start on the plan once it has been approved. After the activity or activities have been carried out, a formal external evaluation takes place (in the case of minors and electives, for example). The student is also asked to assess the learning results and activities. The coach provides a final assessment. See for the IST form and the procedure.

Work carried out within the framework of the IST does not always form part of the collective assessment. This is the case, for example, when the IST involves an elective at Leiden University. In such situations, students are assessed externally and the coach only approves this assessment if it matches the IST plan. Credits are allocated after the collective assessments. See also the IST procedure provided by the department.

Practical information

The IST programme covers 36 ECs that can be divided over four years of study. There is no strict target for how many credits a student should earn per semester, but it is recommended that students spread the credits over the semesters. Each department schedules time for the IST in the programme, although the exact scheduling can differ per department. Fulltime students tend to be exempt from compulsory study components on Wednesdays, which are reserved for students to deepen their knowledge and specialise in the curriculum. The Royal Academy of Art The Hague labs are therefore scheduled for Wednesdays.

The modules organised by the Royal Academy of Art The Hague are subject to change.
Please see the website for current opportunities:

Contact: Niki van Strien

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