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Overview of the ArtScience Interfaculty

Graduation project 'Stamper & Tikkers' | Falco Pols, ArtScience 2016

Image: Installation view 'Stamper & Tikkers' | Falco Pols, ArtScience 2016

At the ArtScience Interfaculty, students and teachers are developing new forms of interdisciplinary art. The goal of the Interfaculty’s teaching programme is to investigate and possibly shape the intersection between artistic concepts and recent developments in science and technology.

Each year, a part of the programme of courses and projects is updated according to current themes from the intersection of art, media, science and technology. Possible artistic responses to recent developments are formulated by experimenting with new contexts and forms in which art can play a role. This discussion is continually related to an interdisciplinary base in which the continuity between media art, music, theatre, film and visual art is regarded as selfevident.

The Interfaculty is a collaborative effort of the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) and the Royal Conservatoire (KC). Staff members come from a variety of artistic cultures and disciplines that is unique in its scope. The ArtScience Interfaculty collaborates closely with the Master’s programme in MediaTechnology at the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (Leiden University). Within the Royal Conservatoire, the Interfaculty maintains close ties to the Composition department and the Institute of Sonology. Within the Royal Academy of Art, the Interfaculty collaborates primarily with the departments of Fine Arts and I/M/D.

The Bachelor’s programme aims to guide students towards an ‘auto-disciplinary’ art practice. Students acquire the skills, research methods and conceptual background that they need in order to develop their personal artistic work within the broad field of the arts and sciences. The ArtScience Interfaculty has an ‘open’ curriculum from the second year onwards. During most of the study, students navigate individually through the teaching modules offered within the Interfaculty and its affiliated departments and institutions. At the Interfaculty, there are four forms of group activities: research projects, labs, theoretical courses and workshop-style courses. With the other Creative Departments of the Conservatoire (Composition and Sonology) the Interfaculty organises four weeks of exchange courses each year. Several Academy-wide courses and labs are organised with the KABK.

In addition to the collective activities, students are expected to conduct their own research and to develop individual work, which is assessed by all teachers in two presentations each year. Beginning in the second year, each Bachelor student chooses two personal coaches who will provide advice regard to study choices and who will reflect on the student’s individual work.

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