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At the KABK, it is possible to combine art courses with secondary education. This is usually arranged on a case-by-case basis, given that the schedules do not always correspond to each other. In theory, it should be possible to follow at least a part of the same curriculum followed by students of the School for Young Talent. An admissions procedure is required for participation in this preparatory track. Where possible, the applicant’s own school will be consulted, in order to determine the extent to which participation in the preparatory track can be fit into the regular school curriculum. A fee is required for this form of participation, based on the number of classes/half-day periods taken. After completing HAVO, a student may apply for admission to the KABK. A separate admissions procedure is required for these programmes, in combination with the final examination for the visual work.


An extensive admissions procedure applies for participation in the combined classes at the School for Young Talent and the KABK. Interim admission to the School for Young Talent is possible.

In order to be admitted, the student must contact the Student Administration office at the KABK (070-3154770) to make an appointment for consultation. For this consultation, the student brings a portfolio (i.e. a folder composed of original work created by the student).
Students may also bring laptop computers in order to display videos, photographs or other digital products. Students are expected to use this work to demonstrate what they have done recently.

The work will be examined for creative capacity, motivation, talent, ideation, uniqueness/originality and capacity for growth, in addition to diversity and the ability to work with materials and techniques. All of these aspects are discussed with the student during the interview. After the admissions interview, a decision will be taken concerning whether the student is eligible for admission or whether a second interview will be held, possibly with a follow-up assignment. If the student is eligible for admission, a second admissions interview will be held with the director of the school in order to examine the school component. If this component is also satisfactory, the student can be given a place.


Pupils who are following a special combined learning track are sometimes referred to as ‘speccies’. Because the schedules of the Academy and those of the students’ own schools vary from year to year, we request that ‘speccies’ contact the coordinator at the beginning of each academic year in order to agree upon a schedule for that year. In this way we can prevent a ‘speccie’ from following the Drawing/Painting course on Thursday afternoon for a whole year, and then taking the same course on Wednesday afternoon the following year, to name an example. It is possible to take either one or two courses each week.

Zanne Zwart

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