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Within the European Exchange framework, an exchange project has been established within the preparatory courses with the Instituto Statale d’Arte/Lyceo Bruno Munari in Vittorio Veneto, Italy. Like the School for Young Talent, this school combines secondary education with higher art education. The Academy also participates in various projects in The Hague that are aimed at introducing young children to Visual Arts and Design. Activities include Kunstbende contests and projects by Nest, the Rewire festival, Todaysartfestival and a range of galleries and museums.  The preparation of exhibitions and expositions in galleries and other locations forms part of the curriculum. In addition, throughout the entire year, information days are held at secondary schools in the region, providing intensive information for prospective students of the KABK. In collaboration with the Faculty of Arts, a unique art-education model is being developed, which will be elaborated further in the coming years.

Zanne Zwart 

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