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The Royal Academy of Art and the Royal Conservatoire were fused into the Academy of Fine Arts, Music and Dance on January 1, 1990. Since 2010 the name is University of the Arts The Hague.

The Royal Academy of Art is the faculty of Fine Arts and Design and the Royal Conservatoire is the faculty of Music and Dance. Both faculties together take care of Interfaculty ArtScience and the School for Young Talent. The University of the Arts The Hague is run by a Executive Board and supervised by a Board of Governors.

The Executive Board comprises:
- Marieke Schoenmakers, president
- Henk van der Meulen, vice-president

The Board of Governors members are:
- mr. Harro Knijff, chair
- drs. Anneke Hogenstijn
- drs. Charlotte Huygens
- Jhr. ir. Carel Jan Reigersman
- drs. Ron Soonieus 

More information:

Both the Executive Board and the Board of Governors can be reached through the Central Bureau of the University.

Central Bureau

The Central Bureau executes the secretariate of the Executive Board and the Board of Governors. The Central Bureau has two departments: the department of Staff and Organisation and the department of Financial Matters. The Central Bureau is housed in the Academy, on the second floor of the Bleijenburg building.

The Central Bureau can be reached at:

Personnel and Organisation

The Personnel and Organisation department consists of Margot Bebseler, head of the department, and the P&O staff members Dolf van der Haar, Natalie Verschoor, Annemarie van der Lee en Kim Borman. The department is located on the second floor of the Bleijenburg building. P&O arranges everything concerning hiring new staffmembers and ensuring that the policies on the collective labour agreement and other arrangements are informed upon as well as enforced. P&O also sees to salary adminsitration. The department of P&O can be reached through 070 315 47 72 and via e-mail: p&

Participation Council

Participation in the University' policy can be arranged through conference with the Participation Council. The Council consists of chosen representatives. These representatives come from the following levels:         

  • students;
  • teaching staff;
  • general support staff and educational support staff. 

The members of the Participation Council are elected for two years. The Council may confer on all aspects concerning the University and can make suggestions and notions public. Both faculties have their own Participation Councils, in which the groups mentioned above are also represented. The BoD may ask advice from just one of the Councils in some matters, and in other matters the BoD needs the approval of the Participation Council. Information on the Participation Council and the conference minutes are available in the Library.

The Faculty Councils can be reached at:

The University of the Arts The Hague has its own website with information for students and staff.

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