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Postgraduate and Master programmes
If, after graduation, you are interested in further study abroad, there is a variety of high-quality postgraduate programmes available. However, you must make sure you plan and prepare in good time. Most postgraduate programmes abroad begin selecting students as early as January, which means you should start looking for opportunities at the beginning of your final examination year.

You can use the following links to help you in your search:

Funds, scholarships and grants
Continuing your studies in another country can prove quite expensive. It is not unusual for a student to spend around €30,000 per academic year on tuition fees, travel and accommodation costs. Various different funds are available to help you balance your budget. You are permitted to submit applications to several funds at the same time.

For details of other funds, visit www.

Most information about the criteria and procedures is available from the International Office.
If you intend to apply to one of the funds, remember the following hints:

  • Make sure your application is well presented and does not include any errors;
  • Substantiate your plans by including a well-written covering letter;
  • When applying, indicate whether you have been admitted to your chosen institution.

Foreign nationals seeking work in the Netherlands after graduation
There are two orientation-year schemes allowing certain groups of foreign nationals to spend a period of up to twelve months in the Netherlands to find a job as a highly skilled migrant.

More information in the document Immigration procedures for foreign nationals seeking work in the Netherlands.

Foreign nationals staying in the Netherlands

Application for the purpose of residence of ‘looking for work and carrying out work whether or not as an employee’ (foreign national)

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