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Photo: Graduation project 'A sense of Home' | Doris Jongerius, Bachelor Photography 2014

Photo: Graduation project 'A sense of Home' | Doris Jongerius, Bachelor Photography 2014

In order to be admitted to our Photography Programme it is important that you participate in all three phases of our application procedure:

Applications deadline: 1 May 2017 (for non-EU/EEA nationals)

After you’ve registered via Studielink you’ll receive an e-mail with further information about the application procedure for the Photography Department.

The application procedure is divided into three selection rounds/ phases.

Phase 1: After your registration via Studielink is completed, you will receive an e-mail with instructions about uploading your portfolio and an assignment (Masters & Disasters) to a link provided by our student administration and fill in a questionnaire.

Phase 2: If the committee decides to invite you, you will receive an invitation to join Phase 2 of the application procedure, where we ask you to make an appointment with our student administration to attend one of the admission days and prepare another three home assignments.
Based on these three assignments our admission committee decides whether your application is eligible to continue to one of the admission days.

Phase 3: After successfully completing phase 2 during the morning of your admission day, you can continue to Phase 3 in the afternoon, where you will be interviewed by a teacher and student of the Photography Department and will work on a writing assignment at the academy. By the end of the day the admission committee announces the results.

Provided that you have been successful at the admission-afternoon, you will become, as we call it “Artistically Admissible”. Meaning that students should be able to meet the following requirements:

  • You have artistic passion for the photography medium;
  • You have a considerable amount of interest concerning social aspects;
  • You work from your own interests and ideas;  
  • You want to show your own ideas; 
  • You have good communication skills;  
  • You have excellent organizational skills;
  • You take your own initiative; 
  • You have perseverance;
  • You are able to work independently as well as cooperate with others; 
  • You can think analytically; 
  • You possess good writing skills;
  • You are aware of the level and infrastructure of photography in The Netherlands;
  • You are able to show some experience in the use of the medium for the chosen field; 
  • You work in a photography sequence; 
  • You are aware that photography is not only a visionary discipline and that it requires more than excellent technical skills and good judgment.

For more Information

See also: FAQ - frequently asked questions about the Photography study programme

If you have questions regarding the admissions procedure please contact our Student Administration Office: 070-315 47 70.

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Last updated: 2017-03-16

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