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Open Day 2015 - Graphic Design Department, Photo credits: Katarína Gališinová

Image: Open Day 2015 - Graphic Design Department, Photo credits: Katarína Gališinová

If you are interested in studying here and you want to sign up for the entrance exam, please apply via Studielink.

The deadline for submitting portfolio for EU/EEA candidates is 15 May 2017. 
Applications for non-EU/EEA candidates are now closed.  

Application procedure

The candidate applies via Studielink and receives an e-mail with further information about the admission procedure at the Graphic Design Department, including instructions for submission of portfolio and other required documents.

Important dates:

Deadlines for submitting your portfolio:
19 December 2016 for the first Admission Examination on Saturday 28 January 2017
1 April 2017 for the second Admission Examination on 3 May 2017 (deadline for non EU/EEA candidates)
15 May 2017 for the third Admission Examination on 14 June 2017 (only for EU/EEA candidates)

Admission/Examination Day

The Admission exam is divided into two selection rounds. One on the basis of portfolio; and one on the basis of a personal presentation (motivation and portfolio) and two assignments (one home assignment, one digital assignment at the KABK).    

You will receive an e-mail from the Student Administration with the result of the portfolio selection. If the committee decides positively, you will receive an invitation for the upcoming admission day, including a time schedule and a home assignment.  

If you live abroad and are not able to visit the admission day you may be invited for a Skype interview but only by exception; we prefer to meet you in person and it enlarges your chances to be admitted.

If you are selected because of your portfolio, you are invited to the admission examination day. The admission committee consists of both teachers and students. The head of the department is also present during the admission. The admission takes place in Dutch or - with foreign candidates - in English.

The candidate is expected to bring his portfolio, which consists of a diverse selection of his work. Basically everything that gives an impression of the way of working should be included in the portfolio, such as sketches, blueprints and notes of ideas.

The candidate also presents the home assignment during the examination. An additional digital assignment is given on the selection day, and a personal discussion with the admission committee takes place as well. The Committee formulates its opinion and will let the candidate know immediately if he/she has been selected or not.

Specific examination day requirements

During the selection day, the candidate’s eligibility for the programme will be tested according to various methods.

The take home assignment, which changes annually, provides information about:

- providing creative solutions;

- being research orientated;

- being sensitive to material;

- being sensitive to one’s surroundings;

- curiosity;

- enthusiasm;

- ability to combine text and visuals.


The day assignment provides information about:

- technical skills;

- speed in originality;

- improvisational skills;

- switching between different starting points;

- translating content to image or typography;

- imaginative processes;

- abstract thinking.

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