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The Kids Club is a group of children from primary school Classes 7 and 8 (ages ranging from 10 to 12 years) who would like to do more with art than they are offered at their own primary schools. The Kids Club includes children who are considering applying for admission to the School for Young Talent or one of the art plan schools. In a classroom situation, these students demonstrate what they can do and work on assignments in order to build their admissions portfolios.

When, how and where?

The Kids Club meets every Friday afternoon from 16:30 to 18:00 in a classroom of the Royal Academy of Art at Prinsessegracht 4 in The Hague. Admission is open, which means children can choose to attend only once, every week or every other week. New participants should use the following email address to let the team know that they would like to attend, so they can check whether they belong to the right target and if there is space available. Attendance costs €37,50 for 5 sessions (€7.50 per session), including materials, drinks and a treat. This 5-session-card is available at the reception desk. 


All works that are created within a six-month period are stored at the Academy. Exhibitions in which all of the works are displayed are held at the end of each period, once in December and once in June. For many children this is their first exhibition. Anyone can attend these exhibitions, and all works are taken home at the end.

For the upcoming school year the Kidsclub Exhibitions will take place on

  • Friday 15th of December 2017 – 17:30-18:30 
  • Friday 25th May 2018- 17:30-18:30


The cost of a class includes materials. This means you do not need to carry around pots of paint. We attempt to use a different material in each class. For example, during this six-month period, we have used paint, paper, clay, charcoal, wire, plaster, fabric, ink, sheets, potatoes, etching pens, etching paper, an etching press, wood, plastic bags and other materials. First-time participants receive a letter containing an overview of which materials will be used in which weeks. Participants are obviously allowed to bring any materials from home that they would like to use.

Coordinator and lecturer
Zanne Zwart 

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