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Mensenrechtentulp 2016 Installations 'Vision & Memories'

Human Rights Tulip 2016 

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Tenso Days Amsterdam 2016

Tenso European Choir Festival

Bespreking ontwerpen Jos Brink Prijs en Joke Smit Prijs The Miljoenennota in 20 Years

Emancipation Awards OCW 

Ministry of Education, Culture & Science

Budget Dreams

Ministry of Finance

Installation 15th anniversary of the WestHolland Foreign Investment Agency (WFIA)

Human Rights Tulip 2015

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

15 years anniversary WFIA (2015)

WestHolland Foreign Investment Agency (WFIA)

Screenshot Paperworld What's inside the koffer?

200 years anniversary (2014)

Court of Audit

What's inside the koffer

Ministry of Finance

Supreme Court of The Netherlands The Wagner Experience

Gift for business partners

Supreme Court of The Netherlands

The Wagner Experience - Video art

Rheingold on the Rhine

Le Sacre du Printemps, video art Vredes Paleis 200 jaar

Le Sacre du Printemps

The Hague Philharmonics


Peace Palace


‘Blue Room-assignment’ - Raad voor Cultuur


Private / Public – 11 – 22 March
A collaboration between Lathe University Applies Sciences (Finland), Academy of Fine Arts (Poland) and Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts (Lithuania). For two weeks students from various international academies experimented with mass-production, reproduction and its effects on artists, their work and medium. More info 

Now or Never, GEM Den Haag (12 January – 24 February 2013)
Now or Never #2 offers a medley of artistic media and shining examples of virtuosity among the newest generation of artists.More info


Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, NAI (20 April – 12 August)
In collaboration with SKOR, STROOM The Hague and NAI. Four Graphic Design students of The Royal Academy of Art The Hague exhibited an installation about the Binckhorstgebied in The Hague. More info

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