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Nathalie Mannaerts, Bachelor Fine Arts Part Time 2014, Winner Goedman Award Fine Arts Part Time Leroy Sankes, Bachelor Photography Part Time 2014

Fine Arts


The Royal Academy is one of the few Academies in The Netherlands that offers complete part time bachelor studies in fine arts and design.

In addition to students who prefer to combine a paid job with an education, the part-time courses are aimed at people who often, after following previous studies, respond to the desire to develop their talents in the fine arts or design through a proper study. We expect a lot of ambition and commitment of the students to eventually emerge as a professional artist.

In practice, a part-time job can be combined with a part-time study. You should consider that the part-time study approximately will cost you 30 hours per week including the lessons. At this moment the lessons are given in the evening. There is also an interesting excursion program that fits the curriculum and the timelines of the international contemporary world of art. Part-time students may also use all the facilities that the academy provides during the daytime.

For more information: 

Coordinator Fine Arts part-time: Onno Schilstra  
Co-Coordinator Fine Arts part-time: Willem Goedegebuure

Coordinator Photography part-time: Raimond Wouda

The part-time bachelor's programmes in Graphic Design and in Interior Architecture and Furniture Design are not open for applications. The Royal Academy of Art will continue to offer part time studies in Fine Arts and Photography.

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