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KABK: Teacher and Staff mobility international activities 

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2014-2020

International Strategy 2014-2020  (Erasmus Policy Statement)

The Academy focuses on internationalisation. Teacher and staff mobilisation is an important aspect of this.

Objective of international activities of teachers and staff-members

The objective of a visit to a (partner) host-institute is to get transferable experience with its programme, its content, education methods, procedures and processes of assessing and more. This visit is always done as a KABK- representative.


After permission of the Head of Department, the International Office (IO) will support the winding up of the various procedures as described in the hand out. IO contacts the host-institute and can help you to compose an interesting and beneficial visit to a (partner) host-institute. This process will take some time because the host institute will have to agree with your visit and the activities that you will undertake there. A request for funding should handed in prior to departure. There  is a procedure for academic staff members (=teachers) and a procedure for staff-members (= non-teachers).Please contact IO in an early state.

Internationally spoken, all teachers or lecturers are called ‘academic staff’ and all other employees are ‘non-academic staff’. In the information documents we use staff-member for non-academic staff and teacher for academic staff.  There are teaching activities and non-teaching activities. Teachers can undertake non-teaching activities, like conference attendance, as well as teaching activities.

Where to go?

To make it worthwhile for KABK to send teachers or staff members abroad, a report on the performed activities within the host-institute should be handed in on return. In this report a description is needed how the experiences and other information might help KABK. 

Please find the financing schedules in the links below, for teachers and staff respectively:



Information sheets and forms 
All information you will find in the pdf's below.  Downloadable are forms you need to fill in in Word.

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