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Dear colleague,

You are welcome to our Academy as teacher or as non-academic staff!
Possibilities are job-shadowing, teaching, workshops and more.

If you want to discuss your proposal for a visit to the Royal Academy of Arts The Hague, feel free to contact us via


Erasmus+ Staff Training Thinking With Your Hands, within a digital age.
The value of it and organizational aspect in art academies 

14-15 March 2017 

Thinking with your hands is an expression that every artist and designer can relate to. Sometimes it's a very conscious and focused process such as research with materials, but often it is an unconscious process. Your hands and intuition lead you to new solutions. As a craftsman you are not always aware of this process but transferring this skill to students in an art academy is an essential and often differentiating skill for workshops in art academies. 

Royal Academy of Art the Hague together with Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam organise this two-day event.

Training is FULL

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