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The Royal Academy of Art The Hague has an independent student counsellor who can be contacted about problems with study progress or personal problems, and provides information of a more general nature. The student counsellor represents the individual interests of the students and is bound by a duty of confidentiality. The counsellor can also mediate or make referrals to agencies or individuals outside the Academy. Third parties are contacted if necessary, but only with the approval of the student.

The counsellor provides information on and assists (where possible) with the following matters:  

  • problems with study progress due to illness
  • personal problems 
  • adjustment difficulties, study motivation, study planning, performance anxiety, switching programmes 
  • conflicts with teachers 
  • professional procedures 
  • study grants and financial issues 
  • applications for funding and grants 
  • information on deregistration 
  • information on postgraduate programmes  

The Royal Academy of Art’s student counsellor is Paul Deneer. Along with Pauline Schep, he is also a confidential contact person for students.  
You can stop by their office, or call or e-mail them to make an appointment. 

  • Paul Deneer: – 070-3154723 – room BB.219
    At the academy on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 13.00-18.00h. 
    Open office hour: Tuesday from 13.15-14.00h. 
    You can turn to Paul Deneer for all matters: study related, personal and confidential. 
  • Pauline Schep: – 06 55712814 – room PD.208
    You can turn to Pauline Schep for confidential matters.

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