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The Course Committee (in Dutch, Opleidingscommissie or OC) plays an important role in programme development and quality assurance, by providing solicited and unsolicited advice on all matters concerning education. The committee is also involved in finding the best way to gather information on education. The Course Committee consists of students and teachers.


DMR stands for the KABK’s participation board (In Dutch, Deelmedezeggenschapsraad KABK). Students, teachers and staff can sit on the participation board. Its members advise the director of the Royal Academy and have a right of consent regarding important management decisions. All of these activities are set out in the laws and special regulations currently in effect.

The DMR meets approximately ten times each academic year. During the meetings, subjects such as education, human resources, finances and facilities and the senior management are discussed.
Examples of activities in which the board has engaged over the past two years include:

  • Monitoring the procedure for the election of a new director, including making a positive recommendation for appointing Marieke Schoenmakers
  • Approval of the Student Charter, along with a number of proposals 
  • Participation during the accreditation
  • Monitoring and advising on the planned (and later on cancelled) merger with Codarts 
  • Renewal of the domestic regulations of the DMR 
  • Monitoring and advising on the Individual Study Trajectory (IST) courses 



CMR stands for the Central Participation Board (Centrale Medezeggenschapsraad). The CMR organises participation in matters relating to the policies of the University of the Arts The Hague. The members of the CMR are chosen from the participation boards of the KABK and the KC, along with one member of the ArtScience department and one from the School for Young Talent. The members advise the Executive Board and maintain contact with the Supervisory Board


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