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Employment outside the Royal Academy of Art The Hague

In order to successfully complete your studies at the Royal Academy of Art, you are required to be available for full–time study throughout the entire period of your studies. If you would like to find a part–time job in the Netherlands, you can contact an employment agency (uitzendbureau). Some employment agencies focus on students. For a list of addresses of agencies in The Hague, visit

EU/EEA students are legally permitted to work while they are studying in the Netherlands. Non EU–EEA students holding Dutch study residence permits may work only a maximum of 10 hours per week, or may only do seasonal work in June, July and August. The student’s employer will need to get an employment permit for a non–EU national (tewerkstellingsvergunning).

Please note:
From the moment an international student starts a part–time job, he or she must take out a statutory basic health insurance policy. For more details, see the ‘Health Insurance’ section of the "How to Survive The Hague" guide. For more information about working while studying in the Netherlands, visit:

Sometimes you can get a zero–hours contract, in which case it is very important to save your wage slips to prove the number of hours you have worked. If you get a job in a call centre, it is very likely that you won’t be offered a fixed–hours contract, because call centres work on a project basis. Please also see the information in the ‘Student Finance’ section of the "How to Survive The Hague" guide.

Employment agency websites–gravenhage

Employment within the Royal Academy of Art The Hague

The Royal Academy of Art occasionally hires students to do a few hours of work. You can contact the Marketing and Communication department (ground floor). Job offers are also published on our bulletin board.

Please note:
Only EU/EEA students can apply for these jobs. 

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