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Frequently asked questions about the Photography study programme

1. How does the KABK distinguish itself from other academies?

Our Academy has been renowned when it comes to photography. It offers a wide range of choices to prepare for the professional working field, both in the documentary and fiction direction. We work frequently with practical assignments. There are five art academies with a photography department. Practice has shown that students have a tendency to make their choice based on geography instead of comparing the programmes.
The proverb says: “There are more ways that lead to Rome,” and so there are several ways of becoming a photographer. It is very important to see whether our programme meets your expectations. To do so, please turn to our website at, visit our Open Day, check our portal (studiokabk/ and find out more about our alumni.

2. What does the programme consist of; what courses will be offered?

Besides the courses in photography, a wide range of media courses such as Audio-visual Media and Interactive Media are offered. Theoretical courses such as CommunicationCivil Society Lab, Journalism, Research & Discourse and Reflection and History of Photography are also offered. Next to these courses, you will be expected to show your own initiative. It is important to have a research attitude. To a large degree, the student - you - shapes his/her own programme.

3. How does education meet the actual practice?

The study programme is mostly aimed at starting one's own company and working as a freelancer. To distinguish yourself by means of ideas is very important. Possible fields of work are the magazine and publishing world, architecture or fashion photography, expressive art, audio-visual or the field of public relations.

4. What kind of equipment do I need?

First year: Digital 35mm camera with a prime lens; manual focussing must be possible, Tripod or stand, Flash, simple colour printer
Second year: Macbook or MacbookPro
Third year: dependent on the specialisation: A middle size or 4/5 camera, Lighting equipment

5. What are the yearly costs (besides the tuition fees)?

It differs from student to student, but to give an indication students spend about €1750,- €2000,- each year on expenditure (excursions, visits to museums, etc.), photo material and investments such as equipment.

6. Does the school offer equipment that I can use?

Yes. The KABK offers extensive possibilities for borrowing both shooting equipment and laptops. You can borrow these for one or more days.

7. How much time will the study programme cost me?

The fulltime course is based on an average of 40 hours of study per week (4 years). This time is spent on classes and self-study. The part-time training has an average of 25 hours of study per week. The past has shown that students are so motivated that they spend more time than the numbers mentioned.

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Last updated: 2017-01-12

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