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Non-Linear Narrative

The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague introduces the Non-Linear Narrative, a new graphic design master programme.

The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) introduces a new master's programme in Fine Art and Design that merges investigative methods of journalism and forensics with processing technologies of computer science and visual arts into a contemporary, avant-garde discipline, the Non-Linear Narrative.

NON LINEAR NARRATIVE analyses the relations of complex socio-political issues, and how they can be communicated to a broad audience.

The programme repositions the graphic design discipline in the changing professional landscape and extends it with new responsibilities towards society. Key objective is to educate critical thinkers, who master new technologies to tell meaningful narratives addressing the world’s social, economic and environmental challenges. Students will not only study parts of philosophy and media theory, but also learn practical skills in design, computer programming, film editing, 3D modelling and virtual reality.

The graphic design profession is subject to a rapidly changing world. The graphic designer is correspondingly changing at top speed. Our goal is to train students to become self-conscious, unconventional designers who can articulate a contemporary design view with groundbreaking and profound work and who play a role in both the discipline and in society at large. The central question to the new master is how social-political issues can be visualized through advanced technologies, how they are bound together and how they influence one another; “if technology is the answer, what was the question?” (Cedric Price).

Professional perspective

Upon completion of the master in Fine Art & Design NON LINEAR NARRATIVE, the student understands complex social themes and can determine her/his own position as a graphic designer. At the same time, the student can find adequate visual and interactive shapes to make those themes insightful to a large audience. A career in civil society organizations, such as public broadcasters or NGOs, is a possibility. Municipal or national authorities and communication and campaigning organizations focusing on political and social issues are also possible workplaces.

There is a growing need for socially involved, broadly oriented designers. The NON LINEAR NARRATIVE master's program will teach students new ways of telling stories and, therefore, asking the news to take position vis-à-vis the graphic design discipline.

The training links with real assignments from the field: through the unique positioning of the KABK in The Hague, near the various ministries and internationally oriented partners and organizations, students will do assignments in the political field and the surrounding area of the Academy will be involved in workshops, clinics and guest lectures.

Highlights of the Non-Linear Narrative programme

  • The starting point of the programme is the broad social, political and cultural context to which the designer relates 
  • It is a cross-border and multidisciplinary programme, in which graphic design merges with other academic and design disciplines 
  • It is a small-scale programme of students from an international and disciplinary diverse background 
  • In the 1st year students work together on a year theme; for the 2nd year students make a personal project plan

More information about the Study programme & How to Appy

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