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Graduation project 'AutoMobile' | R.D.P. Schelfhout, ArtScience 2014, Winner ArtScience Department Award

Image: Graduation project 'AutoMobile' | R.D.P. Schelfhout, ArtScience 2014, Winner ArtScience Department Award

The ArtScience Interfaculty offers an interdisciplinary Bachelor’s and Master’s programme that fosters curiosity-driven research as an approach to the creation of art. The programme regards art and science as a continuum and promotes the development of new art forms and artistic languages.

The ArtScience Interfaculty is an interdisciplinary department situated between and embedded within both the Royal Academy of Art and the Royal Conservatoire. Classes include scientific and theoretical knowledge, sensory perception, interdisciplinary composition, handson production, performance training, collaborative projects and critical thinking. We focus largely on individual coaching. ArtScience allows students to code and create never-before heard sounds and never-before seen images, to establish immersive environments, to design new forms of interaction with their audiences and explore media that have never before been used by artists. Most importantly, students are invited to re-invent art, as needed in this century.

Are you one of those ambitious people who can not seem to find the study that matches their broad talents and vision? Do you want to freely choose the medium your project needs? Are you inspired by both art and science? Do you find it bizarre to have to specialize from the start in either media art, music, theatre, film or visual art? Do you want to work in a medium that you'll have to invent first? Are you creative and curious? You want to think with your hands and build with your brain? Come and study at the ArtScience Interfaculty!

Within a world in which technology and social developments intersect with traditional art forms (e.g. music, visual arts, cinema and theatre), within a world in which the ‘digital’ and the scientific are playing an increasingly prominent role in our perceptions of our society, environment and being, the ArtScience Interfaculty has chosen to focus on developing new artistic discourses and practices that transcend the traditional disciplines. We strongly believe that art should take an active part in shaping the world in which we live, and that it should regard the universe as a playground for unexpected forms of expression. We are interested in asking creative and fundamental questions concerning contemporary knowledge, and we favour an experiential and experimental approach to answer them. As a truly interdisciplinary department, we do not focus on any single type of idiom, but try to combine them. ‘Visual’ idioms, as the production and signification of objects and environments, are combined with the ‘musical’ idioms of composition in time, performance, improvisation and collaboration. We love science, and we try to indulge in its findings, but we aim to use its knowledge to produce interpretations. We make art.

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