Photography (full-time and part-time)

You have taken many pictures already, but so has your mother, or the neighbours on the other side of the street… So, what distinguishes you from them? And how do you become a professional photographer in a time when everybody takes thousands of pictures? When photo-editing software is easy to use and on everybody's smart phone?

The medium of photography is undergoing rapid change. And wherever there is change, there is also opportunity. We, at the KABK, find it hugely exciting to see new ways to engage the medium. Think of possibilities like immersive, interactive or social media. At the same time, we highly value more ‘traditional productions’ such as books and exhibitions. We will always encourage you to think broadly and question every format you choose.

Apart from being creative in the field of making work, you also need to be creative in finding your audience and creating new business models. Being a professional photographer today means more than just creating work alone.

In addition to having excellent technical skills, you need to be an author. At the KABK, we think about photography in the same way as a writer thinks about language. Writers need to know how to spell and have knowledge of the grammatical rules. But that is only the beginning. What is the story you would like to tell? What is the feeling you want to leave the audience with? For students at the KABK, this often results in a lot of soul searching: figuring out who you are, what you find important, and to what discussions you would like to contribute.

Studying at the KABK means you have your own views on the world and the medium, but also show a willingness to be challenged. The KABK helps you further develop your own voice through research and experimentation. You will be challenged to work with an entrepreneurial spirit. We teach you not to follow someone else’s path, but invent your own. Alumni have described studying at the KABK as an intense yet fruitful experience.

Last updated: 2017-05-24