Interior Architecture and Furniture Design (full-time)

Graduation project 'reBUILD INSTITUTE / deSTRUCT SPACE' | Steven van Beijeren, Interior Architecture & Furniture Design 2014,  Nominee Department Award

Image: Graduation project 'reBUILD INSTITUTE / deSTRUCT SPACE' | Steven van Beijeren, Interior Architecture & Furniture Design 2014,  Nominee Department Award

No matter – try  again – fail again – fail better.

[Worstward Ho, Samuel Beckett, 1983]

‘Learning by Doing: Empirical Creative Education and Training’

The programme Interior Architecture and Furniture Design at the Royal Academy of Art covers the full width of the spatial domain by focusing on spatial conditions that determine how we experience our daily living environment.

The core aim of the programme is the personal development of each individual student into a creative, inquisitive and independent designer. We pay close attention to discovering the possibilities and potential of our students, and have designed the programme in such a way that we have achieved a precise balance between the attention given to the concept and to empiricism: abstract thinking versus pragmatic and professional embedding. The curriculum focuses on experimentation and research. This enables us to encourage the development of an independent inquisitive design attitude that generates unexpected and surprising results and perspectives, and that makes the impossible possible.

Our didactic principle is learning by doing. The development of skills, knowledge and competences is linked to relevant assignments that preferably correspond to professional design practice. We strongly emphasise the students’ personal position and the way they approach their identity from a professional perspective. We attach great value to the development of an individual approach and work process, and encourage the student to develop an independent mind-set, a reflective design attitude and empathic ability. In our view, the designer with the title Bachelor of Design represents an all-round designer with an entirely personal approach. He is a good observer, and has both strong conceptual and empirical skills. He is a designer who approaches every thinkable – spatial – challenge head on.

After the first year, the programme offers students the choice between the specialisations Interior Architecture (full-time) and Furniture Design (full-time). The programme duration is four years. The degree Bachelor of Arts corresponds to the educational vision of the KABK and the National Final Qualifications for design. After graduating and receiving the title Bachelor of Arts, the KABK offers students the opportunity to continue their studies in the new Master Interior Architecture INSIDE. Graduates’ possibilities for, and rights to, register with the ‘Bureau Architectenregister’ (Bureau Architects Register), in accordance with the ‘Wet op de Architectentitel (WAT)’ (The Academic Titles (Architects) Act), can be found on the website of the ‘Architectenregister’ (Dutch Register of Architects). The law was adapted in January 2011. Any student who graduates after 31 December 2014 and wants to register in the Netherlands as an architect, urban designer, garden and landscape architect or interior architect is obliged to complete a professional experience period.

In the academic year 2011-2012, the thoroughly renewed curriculum of the bachelor’s programme was introduced. The renewal went hand in hand with the introduction of the Master INSIDE. The implementation of the renewal in the fourth year took place in 2014-2015. In 2015 the first students graduated from the new bachelor’s curriculum. 

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