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Preparatory Education

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The Royal Academy of Art The Hague (KABK) offers the following options to prospective students wishing to prepare themselves for one of the regular study programmes at the Academy:

In addition, several secondary schools participate in partnership projects with the Academy, which allow pupils of these schools to take classes at the academy as part of the regular art curriculum.

Whenever possible, the Academy provides the art and visual education classes (KUBV; formerly the third level of cultural and artistic education, or CKV 3) in the upper levels and fulfils the examination requirements established for this course.

Such partnerships have been concluded with the following schools:

  • Segbroekcollege The Hague
  • Bonaventura College Leiden
  • Rijnlands Lyceum Wassenaar
  • Zandvlietcollege The Hague

Preparatory Courses: general information

The KABK offers a wide range of Preparatory Courses. All are aimed at bringing people into contact with art education and offering them programmes that correspond to their specific needs and levels. Selection and orientation are key terms in this regard. On the one hand, the Academy wishes to offer talented people the opportunity to enhance their qualifications, the ultimate goal being for them to be able to progress to professional art education. Secondly, the Preparatory Courses offer participants the opportunity to investigate whether a study programme at the Academy and the prospect of a career as an artist or designer are a viable option for them. The possibility of transferring between the various Preparatory Courses gives participants as many opportunities as possible to follow the routes that are best suited to them. 

The KABK offers the following Preparatory Courses:

  • Kids Club (Years 7 and 8 of primary education: ages 10–12);
  • Partnership arrangements with secondary schools (Segbroek College in The Hague, Bonaventura College in Leiden, Rijnlands Lyceum in Wassenaar and Zandvliet College in The Hague);
  • School for Young Talent (our own secondary school pupils of HAS, HAVO and VWO);
  • Combined education, in which secondary pupils take classes within the art plans or the School for Young Talent;
  • Preparatory Year (full-time for one year after secondary education);
  • Orientation Course (Saturday Course).

Participation in one of the Preparatory Courses is subject to admission. Applicants should bring as much different work as possible to the admission interview. Appointments can be made through the Student Administration office.


More information

Chief Coordinator for Preparatory Courses
Zanne Zwart

Coordinator of Preparatory Year 
Nieke Koek

Admission consultation hours: by appointment

Admission consultation hours for pupils and parents: by appointment

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