Tenso Days Amsterdam 2016

Project Installations 'Vision & Memories'
Partner Tenso European Choir Festival, Cappella Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ
Department(s) Graphic Design (Design Office elective)
Year 2016

Installations by Graphic Design students in Tenso Days Amsterdam 2016. The four installations are spatial representations of the four visions (love, hope, suffering, void) of the piece 'Visioni ed Estasi' by Wim Henderickx and are on view during 'Visions & Memories' Tenso European Choir Festival.

LOVE - ‘Love’ By Lou Top, Iris Lam and Ies Ditsen De Jong

‘Love’  by Lou Top, Iris Lam and Ies Ditsen de Jong

A group of 1000 used toothbrushes will create a traditional looking carpet. The used toothbrushes have a very personal and sometimes even sensual meaning. By transforming them into a carpet extra value will be added to this daily object.

HOPE - ‘Alternative Altar’ by Hilde Barwegen and Alfonso Yordi Martinez

Alternatief Altaar’ by Hilde Barwegen and Alfonso Martinez Yordi

In this work stairs will be connected to the notion of an altar. Stairs bring you from one height to the other, each step is a process, just like climbing up an altar is. With this installation we want to present alternative possibilities that will make the audience question the standard notion of a stair.

SUFFERING - ‘Plastic Tension’ by Amanda Verberne and Khyeong Kim

‘Plastic spanning’ by Amanda Verberne and Hyeonjeong Kim

We want to portray a decadent vision of today’s “yes we can” society, where anything is possible. A society with too much positivity that is creating a fake or plastic reality in which we distance ourselves from today’s real problems such as violence, war and pollution. Someone that doesn’t succeed in this positive society is called a failure and this notion creates people that deal with depression and anxiety. The aggressive pointy sculpture that is hanging evokes tension. The big plastic spike is pointing downwards in an threatening way.

VOID - 'Completing the Real' by Niels van der Donk

'Completing the Real' by Niels van der Donk

With this work we want to invite the audience to make up stories about people who might have sat in the chairs they are looking at. By doing so, they somehow fill the void with these stories. The personalities are ranging from a woman studying make up art to a teenager obsessed with working on his body at the gym. By using small attributes we want to enforce these personalities even more.

Tape grid on the floor that visually connects all the works is by Andreas van der Mast and Amelie Vancoppenolle

A project collaboration between Graphic Design students (Design Office) of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague and Tenso European Choir Festival, Cappella Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ.


Design Office (DO) is an elective course within the Graphic Design study programme at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague taught by Gijsbert Dijker and Chantal Hendriksen.

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